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To Do Design

To Dodesign is a multidisciplinary platform of design and education services working toward sustainable development.
  • Created with the aim of providing responsible design that is  beneficial for the environment and society.
  • We work in a network of professionals offering a comprehensive design service. From building a brand, app or web design, to packaging, product design, commercial and retail spaces.
  • We believe in knowledge as the driving force for change, that keeps society thriving. We have been engaged in education for over 15 years, providing new learning experiences.
  • We collaborate with companies all over the world to jointly define strategies through design that contributes to value creation and meaning for the brand and the customer.
  • We work closely with our clients to identify their intrinsic value and coherently convey those aspects that constitute its strength, always looking for innovation and differentiation within the market.

Our view

-Systems Thinking

The needs and challenges of our customers cannot be addressed by an isolated or fragmented view.

We consider the spaces, products or services as a system whose elements and relationships have to be defined to work synergistically and in a coherent manner.


The paradigm shift towards sustainable development is a reality that still has difficulties in its implementation. It is clear to us that there is no choice, and we strongly believe its integration into business, policies and practices to be essential. We know this will be profitable for the organization, satisfactory for our clients, beneficial for society and healthy for the planet.

-User experience

We study, evaluate and co-define the sum of sensations, perceptions and experiences that individuals have as a result of every contact with the brand, its products, services, ideas and aspirations.

-Biomimicry, “innovation inspired by nature”.

Our current context requires imaginative professionals who provide solutions in a complex global environment. Quite often thinking “outside the box” is difficult to undertake. Nature is an inexhaustible source of information and time tested solutions to tackle human challenges. Ecosystems provide us a sustainable vision for the management of your company by incorporating an effective, imaginative and innovative model.

Victoria de Pereda

Victoria de Pereda

Cofounder & Senior Designer

    Dr. Manuel Quirós

    Dr. Manuel Quirós

    Biomimicry & Systems thinking

      Gonzalo Barinaga

      Gonzalo Barinaga

      Cofounder & Creative Director