With over 20 years of experience in the field of Higher Education for both public and private institutions, we defined sustainability curricula for various design fields in undergraduate and master levels.
We can provide a wide range of courses and training to fit the various needs, related to Sustainability, Design or Biomimicry.

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We offer contents under different formats:

Regular classes, workshops, seminars and talks.

Long courses (32h):
  • Education for Sustainability /IED Madrid
  • Biomimicry/IED MAdrid
Workshops / Seminars (1-5 days):
  • Ecodesign EOI , GALICIA, Alicante
  • Biomimicry for MDI IED Master
Talks (30-60 min):
  • Design, sustainability and education
  • Universidad De Lasalle Bajío, León MEXICO
  • Sustainability on Design Education. MOTIVA Design conferences ,Asturias
  • Biomimicry and Fashion SlowFashion Spain
  • Biomimicry and Sustainability for the Spanish Defense Ministry
  • Ecodesign for EOI
  • Introduction to Sustainability for IED


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    Introduction to Biomimicry

    La Naturaleza nos ofrece una infinita variedad de soluciones testadas y sostenibles que en la actualidad no podemos ignorar.

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    Shanghai Workshop

    College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University, Shanghai (Shanghai), China Prof: Victoria de Pereda/ lou yongqi - Huoshan community: Explore“Grass-rooted Wisdom” towards sustainability